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Motorcycles I have owned over the years
Vehicle Description

Motorcycle 1976 Casal K181

Bike Profile
I bought this bike back in 1977 while over in Portugal. I am not sure of the exact model but believe that it was a Casal K181. It was nothing more than a glorified moped disguised as a small motorcycle. The engine used in the bike was a copy of an engine built by Zundapp. Not many redeeming features about the bike. The brakes were useless, top speed of 45-50 mph
No oil injection, had to use pre-mixed fuel. While touring across Europe, maintenance was an everyday event. Yet day in and day out for 3 - 4 month it managed to haul my butt across most of southern Europe and parts of northern Africa. It did get incredible gas mileage.
  Casal K181                              Displacement 49.9 cc
   Engine: Single cylinder          Stroke: 2
   Power:  5.3 HP @ 7500           Compression:8:5:1
  Bore/stroke:40.0x39.7mm       Valves per cylinder:
   Fuel Control:                           Cooling System: Air
   Gearbox: 5-speed                    Final drive: Chain
   Weight: 185 lbs wet                 Top Speed: 50 mph
   Fuel Capacity: 1.8 gals